About the Company

Fluidity was founded to provide tools and services that allow collaboration and coordination of care. Fluidity products engage patients and those involved in their care to actively participate and manage their health through easy to use and widely accessible mobile and online interfaces.   This requires capturing data as well as monitoring and analyzing compliance using tools in a way that personalizes care.

To accomplish our goals, our founders recognized a new approach to healthcare information technology was required which fostered large scale data exchange, interoperability, and integration among healthcare systems and providers in the US.   They further concluded that this new approach must be patient-centric, secure, robust, and flexible to accommodate the realities of healthcare administration today.

Today’s patients seek treatment at various locations and from various providers around the country but their health records and patient data are locked up in each individual provider’s healthcare system that they visit. There’s no simple way for the patient to gather all his/her health information in one central location and share it with providers.  By providing cross platform access to health information, any healthcare team can measure relative performance from established baselines, obtain the best outcomes, reduce costs from repeated testing, and reduce health risks to patients.